Vidyarthi Prakashan Limited

It is evident from this website that we are coming up fast as a major publisher in the field of books for public schools, as well as Hindi medium schools. There is no room for doubt that we have been in this field of publication for the last 31 years and have presented the finest quality of schoolbooks for the Montessori and Kindergarten systems. Dear patrons, it is your love and cooperation that have inspired us, and we venture to present before you a chain of schoolbooks. Prepared by learned and experienced authors and edited by competent educationists, our Publications are in a class by themselves because of the following distinctive features:

Subject Matter:

Subject matter is the soul of a book. Hence, every attempt has been made to render immaculately perfect subject matter in each of the textbooks of the series. Every book has been prepared most carefully and strictly in accordance with the syllabus prescribed by the NCERT. The books for kids, who are just beginners, have been scientifically prepared and designed with the help of experts in Child Psychology.


The subject matter in every book is presented in a simple, elegant and interesting style suited to the level of the students for whom it is meant.


In every book of our publications, you will find faultless and attractive printing on quality paper. Due care has been taken to keep off the ‘Printer’s Devil’. Types used in each of these books have been judiciously selected to suit the age-groups of the children for whom the books are brought out.


We have always tried our best to provide books which can be handled by the children with ease. A wide variety of neat, beautiful and artistic pictures and a rich variety of delightful colours lend such an excellent getup to the books that children are sure to love and treasure the books as their proud possessions, and study them with great delight. Books are not only presented in an attractive getup, but the covers of some elementary books have also been laminated to make them crack-proof, water-resistant and more durable.


Since these books are widely lauded and prescribed by many schools as textbooks, we are in a position to print them on a large scale and supply them at the most reasonable rates.We gratefully acknowledge the cooperation we have received from our patrons and hope that we will continue to receive the same encouragement and cooperation of theirs in the future also.