Are You Shy? ( Let's Talk About It!)

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Are You Shy? ( Let's Talk About It!)Children who are very shy are sometimes worried and feel misunderstood.
ARE YOU SHY? helps boys and girls to understand that there are many ways in which they can overcome feelings of shyness. They shouldn't be embarrassed if they stutter or blush when they are asked a question. What really matters is that they speak up.
ARE YOU SHY? helps children understand that their shyness will go away little by little as they make an effort to express themselves.

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Do You Have A Secret? (Let's Talk About It!)
Secrets can be fun to keep . . . if the secret is something that makes you and everybody else happy. Then a secret is something very nice.
But if you have a secret that hurts you . . . a secret that makes you sad or scares you . . . that’s when you would feel much better if you talk about it to somebody you trust.
It might be very hard for you to tell such a secret to Mom, or to Dad, or to your teacher. But it’s best for you to be brave and talk about it. When you do, the problem can be made to go away.