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Question Bank ICSE

Mathematics ICSE Question Bank Class - 10
For ICSE - 2022 Examination
With Model Test Papers
Salient features
1. Main Points, definations and formulae for revision under heading 'Concepts at a Glance'
2. 'Important formulae to Memorize' and 'How to Avoid some common Mistakes' as the last minute helping tips
3. Solved important questions
4. Last 10 Years ICSE Examination Questions (Chapter-Wise and at the end part of the book)
5. Expected Questions with Answers under various mark distribution
6. Assess Yourself (Self Evaluation Test given Chapter-wise)
7. Two Model Test Papers (Solved)
8. Eight Model Test Papers (Unsolved)
9. Internal Assessment including some Projects/Assignment as per latest ICSE prescription
10. Latest ICSE Specimen Paper (Solved)
11. Latest ICSE Question Paper (Solved)

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